Schools and Colleges and the TLA

For schools and colleges, the Teaching & Learning Academy offers a range of benefits that increase the more your organisation is involved. Through becoming a member of the TLA your school/college can:
Improve overall teaching quality, by encouraging individual staff to get involved in their own professional development and introduce small changes to their own practice
Instill a coaching culture that makes your school/college a great place to work and learn. Schools/colleges that have embraced the TLA, report deeper discussions about teaching and leadership skills that benefit both staff and pupils
Access best practice and classroom based research from schools and colleges across the country through TLA Resources on the website
Support staff retention and recruitment by ensuring that your school/college give staff an opportunity to develop
Gain recognition locally amongst other schools and colleges and raise your profile with parents by celebrating the success of your teachers and staff
Become a TLA badged school demonstrating commitment to the development of your staff
10 Case Studies in the Resources section provide some insight into how schools have engaged with the TLA (link to Case Studies).
Increasing your involvement as a school/college
All schools and colleges can apply to become a TLA member and achieve ‘badged’ status as a TLA school/college.  When a school/college joins, all staff automatically gain access to the 'Members Only Area' of the website. If a school/college does not join the TLA, individual staff members can still join. Joining the TLA not only underlines the school’s/college's commitment to professional development-something they can publicise through the school/college website and other communications-but also helps to provide additional, effective support to all staff.
All TLA schools/colleges receive the latest information on the TLA including insights into good practice around the country and are part of a national community.
Schools/colleges can identify staff to act as TLA Tutors taking particular responsibility for coaching and mentoring staff undertaking TLA projects. Staff can also apply to be a trained TLA Verifier enabling them to assess recognition projects from their own and other schools/colleges-helping them gain a richer understanding of the requirements and assessment processes. Both these roles offer excellent opportunities for staff, giving them responsibility for key areas of CPD within the school/college and encouraging them to work with their colleagues and peers in other educational institutions in the local area.